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As you start your career, you face a multitude of overwhelming decisions. 

You probably received very little training in managing a business. From purchasing a practice, to tackling debt, to running a profitable practice—it can get complicated and stressful.  Relax, we're here to help.

The most successful business owners rarely reach their full potential alone. Partnering with us will allow you to hit your stride sooner and with more confidence.  You can count on our relatable and knowledgable advisors to coach you in what to do–and not to do–to achieve success. Start your career with a trusted support system in place.

"It’s important to have a ‘pathway to success’ envisioned early on, even if you aren’t financially ready for it. The best investment a young dental practitioner could make would be to invest time and effort exploring various possibilities with McGill & Hill Group…the day after graduation from school!"

Dr. Gary Weitz, Orthodontist
  • New Practice Owner?  We offer a substantial discount for new doctor-owners for our full tax and business planning program to assure you have a written game plan to attain your goals.

  • Associates or Non-Practice Owner?  We offer personal planning services to provide you with expert leadership and to act as a sounding board for all of your questions and concerns.

Too often we hear "I wish I'd started working with you sooner."  So, don't delay - invest in your future. Our valuable guidance will get you started in the right direction. 

Want to set yourself up for success?  Contact Janet Blair today.


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