Investment Commentary

Like to follow the markets? Enjoy a quarterly review of the economy and financial markets from the investment team of McGill Advisors, a division of Brightworth, posted on Brightworth's website.

Our Team

Experienced advisors ready to partner in your success

You want a team that's focused on what's best for your long-term goals.

We accomplish that through providing sophisticated strategies and high-quality wealth management services catered to doctors—assessed over time as life changes. 

Our qualified and experienced advisors will determine your risk tolerance and guide you through each of the important steps necessary to build a properly diversified portfolio.

As a fee-only investment advisory firm, we believe in exceptional service and a team approach to taking care of your needs every step of the way.

Plus—you'll receive personal guidance to implement financial and business strategies in conjunction with the strategies recommended by The McGill Advisory* newsletter. Working together with the other McGill & Hill Group firms to provide seamless planning and investment advice, sets us apart from traditional investment management firms.

Your experienced client relationship team is available to serve you through:

  • Designing the right investment strategies

  • Controlling investment risk

  • Investment tax planning

  • Personalized asset allocation

  • Minimizing fees to avoid excess expenses

  • Quarterly performance reporting against relevant benchmarks

* The content of The McGill Advisory newsletter is provided by John K. McGill & Company, Inc., which is a separate entity from McGill Advisors, a division of Brightworth. See Disclosure for more details.

Do you know if your portfolio is properly diversified and allocated for tax efficiency? For more information, contact us.

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