Planning for Retirement

To achieve a secure retirement—you must plan for it. We’ll help you develop a personalized plan to guide you successfully through financial decisions impacting your retirement.

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You'll  face more important decisions in the last 5 years of practice than at any other time in your career. 

These are big decisions—often involving hundreds of thousands of dollars. Unfortunately, you probably don't have the time or the financial training to properly analyze the myriad of complex financial decisions required for your secure retirement.

We do - and we'll design a comprehensive retirement game plan with customization you can't find elsewhere. Don't risk your financial future by leaving important retirement decisions to chance.

"I have had the pleasure of knowing John McGill for over thirty years and I can truly say that he is one of the most brilliant business advisors that I have ever known. John is honest and is an expert in tax law, accounting, wealth building and business management. He has given me great advice on how to run my business, save money, reduce taxes, negotiate transactions, legal advice and estate planning. I am so fortunate to have had John as my most trusted advisor!"

Dr. Alton C. Bishop, Orthodontist

Your all-inclusive planning for retirement program is backed by our unconditional money-back guarantee - and is designed to help you:

supervisor_account Know when and how you should sell your practice for maximum value while minimizing income taxes

attach_money Determine how to increase savings for retirement and get out of debt

lock Determine when and how to take retirement plan/IRA distributions while minimizing your taxes

history Learn when and how to claim Social Security to maximize your benefits

local_atm Receive tax-free income in retirement

transform Convert regular IRAs to Roth IRAs while minimizing or eliminating income taxes

payment Project your cash flow needs and sources during retirement, while minimizing income taxes

face Determine when and how to transfer wealth to your children and/or charity while cutting taxes

You'll also receive follow up, as needed, throughout your year of service.

Looking for a road map to a secure and confident retirement? Contact Janet Blair today.

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