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Reach financial freedom with a personalized gameplan to accomplish your goals and assure success. 

"I want to thank John McGill and Brad Kucharo for all that they have done for me. The advice that they give is second to none. The attention to detail and knowledge they provide is extraordinary. I have been a client for over 5 years and will continue to be one for many years to come!"

Dr. Justin Hannon, Orthodontist

Failing to plan can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of your career.  Having a decisive, comprehensive, written plan of action is key. With a well-designed gameplan, you can reach financial independence and enjoy the peace of mind it delivers. 

Your all-inclusive tax and business planning program is backed by our unconditional money-back guarantee and is designed to:

Maximize tax avoidance - reduce income and estate taxes

Establish an action plan to reduce/eliminate personal and practice debt

Improve practice profitability (fees, marketing, overhead control)

Maximize tax-deductible retirement savings

Fund your children's educational expenses on a tax-deductible basis

Implement proper insurance coverage

Establish asset protection and estate planning strategies to protect your family

You'll also receive follow up, as needed, throughout your year of service.

Our unparalleled expertise and experience working exclusively with the dental profession enable us to create a personalized plan so you can rest easy today, while ensuring your financial security for tomorrow. 

Ready to get on the road to financial independence?  Contact Janet Blair today.

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