When it comes to investing, you can often be your own worst enemy!  Emotional timing mistakes and high fees are two of the problems decimating doctors’ investment returns.  After 16 years of analyzing investment portfolios, we have found the average doctor is losing 4% or more each year due to these common mistakes.  This course will teach you how to not only capture the missing 4%, but add to it!  Topics covered include:

  • Understanding fees and how to lower them
  • Sophisticated low-cost investment strategies using index and actively managed funds
  • DOL Fiduciary responsibility UPDATE for Plan Sponsors & Trustees
  • Proper asset allocation and portfolio design
  • Savings strategies that remove market emotions
  • How to properly benchmark investment performance
  • Tax-efficient investing, tax loss harvesting and donor advised funds
  • Pre- and post-retirement Roth IRA conversion strategies


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