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"I am 7 years into a buyout transition that was orchestrated perfectly without a single issue. Thank you very much for your professionalism and your friendship during this potentially stressful period."

Dr. Tom Arkle, Orthodontist, Charlotte, NC

"I worked with McGill & Hill for a practice valuation and tax and business planning session. They were incredibly detailed and insightful. I received personalized attention that enabled me to move forward in a confident direction. The time put into the plan was considerable and tailored to my needs. Very comprehensive team and great customer service. Highly recommend!"

Dr. Bradley P. Adey, General Dentist, West Chester, PA

"“Their timely articles address issues that impact both my office and personal finances. The McGill Advisory is required reading for any business-minded dental professional.”"

Dr. Eric Nease, Orthodontist, Spartanburg, SC

"I have always been very satisfied with the McGill and Hill Group. They are super organized, always proactive, and have top notch customer service."

Dr. Kevin W. Snyder, General Dentist, Jacksonville, FL

"The McGill & Hill Group’s financial strategies have led me to become a more productive and efficient businessman, and wiser wealth accumulator."

Dr. Will Kelly, III, General Dentist, Gastonia, NC

"Brad Kucharo of McGill & Hill Group has been great! He gave my wife and I valuable insight as to where we are now, and a great plan to augment where we’re going in the future! College for our three boys, office expansion and retirement planning could not have been more simplified. Very confident as we enter our most successful years of practice. Thank you Brad!”"

Dr. Jonathan "Jay" Lawless, Orthodontist, Bowling Green, KY

"Each year The McGill Advisory saves me thousands of dollars. This is a “must-have” subscription for any savvy dental professional. I strongly recommend The McGill Advisory to my colleagues and all of the orthodontic residents I teach. It’s an essential tool for management and financial success."

Dr. Joseph F. O'Neil, Orthodontist, Williamsburg, VA

"I have been a subscriber of The McGill Advisory since 2011. I find all of the newsletters and website articles very informational and useful. The tax planning advice and recommendations on staff compensation have been very valuable. On occasion I have been able to ask advice via email and received a prompt and thorough explanation. I will continue to subscribe as long as I continue to practice dentistry. There is information included for all sizes and stages of practices.”"

Dr. Stephanie M. Warden, General Dentist, Prairie Village, KS

"Your newsletter is one of the best practice investments that I have ever made.”"

Dr. Randolph C. Katz, General Dentist, Monticello, NY

"The McGill & Hill Group’s advice has personally saved me tens of thousands of dollars and helped me position my practice for success."

Dr. Bill Kelly, Jr., General Dentist, Gastonia, NC

"I have had the pleasure of knowing John McGill for over thirty years and I can truly say that he is one of the most brilliant business advisors that I have ever known. John is honest and is an expert in tax law, accounting, wealth building and business management. He has given me great advice on how to run my business, save money, reduce taxes, negotiate transactions, legal advice and estate planning. I am so fortunate to have had John as my most trusted advisor!"

Dr. Alton C. Bishop, Orthodontist, Edwards, CO

"If I am talking about McGill Hill and the experience, things I am sharing are: years of solid and consistent reputation as well as My Fathers Passionate recommendation - it is very difficult to get one of those from him. Year after year your newsletter continually presented topics and strategies that were echoed by others but never as concise and succinct. The newsletter differentiates you from so many other publications because it's always helpful and spot on concise and clear to even a non business minded person. Over the year every time I call I always get a personal and prompt response. John McGill went above and beyond more than I have ever experienced with any other consultant. He was invested personally and professionally in my success, in a way I felt I needed to pay him more money for the level he came through for my practice...I would consider working with NO one else but McGill & Hill Group."

Dr. Jacqueline Demko, Orthodontist, Chesterfield, MO

"John McGill, Brad Kucharo, along with all the wonderful team members have been great. I have been a client since 2005 and have learned so much in terms of investing and financial success. Read The McGill Advisory Newsletter, follow John's advice, and you will be light years ahead of your colleagues. If you are looking for the best way to head towards financial independence then you will be more than satisfied."

Dr. Joshua Z. Epstein, Orthodontist, Manalapan, NJ

"We have used and trusted their services for years. They are excellent."

Mrs. Amy Demas, Spouse, Southington, CT

"McGill & Hill Group is always available to answer my questions and has outstanding CE opportunities."

Dr. Michelle Bedell, General Dentist, Gaffney, SC

"I can't imagine how my life would have turned out if it wasn’t for The McGill & Hill Group’s consistent advice. To know all of the options and to have a solid game plan is an incredible amount of comfort."

Dr. Steve Hannon, Orthodontist, Lake Wylie, SC

"Great experience, very knowledgeable team!"

Dr. Wesley Barton, Pediatric Dentist, Boston, MA

"Thank you McGill & Hill Group for advising and representing me for the past 25 years. The most recent tax savings was finding an $8,000 error made by my local CPA in calculating my tax return after selling my dental practice last year. Between tax planning and dental practice advice, your group has enabled me to boast my personal income, practice income, and retirement savings while minimizing my tax obligations. The final result yielded well over a million dollars in additional savings over 25 years!"

Dr. George L. Whiteside, General Dentist, Fort Myers, FL

"We continue to be impressed with McGill and Hill Group's helpfulness and support. They have saved us much time, aggravation and expense."

Mrs. Carol Whilden, Spouse, Ocean Grove, NJ

"Been very happy with their guidance - nice to have all resources under one roof."

Dr. Mark J. Madden, General Dentist, Delano, MN

"I have been working with The McGill & Hill Group for over 15 years, which is by far the best thing I have done in my practice. Although I am not quite fully funded with retirement, I hate to think where I would have been without them. I strongly recommend McGill & Hill Group! They know what they are doing and can help take your practice to the next level!"

Dr. Emmanuel C. Ngoh, Endodontist, Augusta, GA

"Their advice provides me with critical information that helps me make strategic decisions and guides my practice and personal life successfully."

Dr. Goodwin Thomas, Orthodontist, Rock Hill, SC

"I highly recommend the McGill & Hill Group--I can't give them enough stars. I found them at the most perfect time of my career. They helped with my transition to ownership and business planning. The entire team is very detail-oriented and they have set up my practice and family for success for the future. I have the utmost confidence with the team that I have worked with and can't recommend them enough. This was by far the best decision that I have ever made in my 10 year dental career."

Dr. Brooks Stevens, General Dentist, Fort Worth, TX

"I want to thank John McGill and Brad Kucharo for all that they have done for me. The advice that they give is second to none. The attention to detail and knowledge they provide is extraordinary. I have been a client for over 5 years and will continue to be one for many years to come!"

Dr. Justin Hannon, Orthodontist, Belmont, NC

"The CE lectures are informative and engaging. The speakers care about our financial security and well being, and you can tell they truly enjoy their work."

Dr. Jim Kelly, General Dentist, Gastonia, NC

"During my career I have used many consultants and advisors, but none can compare to The McGill Hill Group. Without a doubt, the best decision of my career was deciding to work with them!"

Dr. Richard E. Boyd, Orthodontist, Columbia, SC

"By reading a recommendation about Social Security in your newsletter, my wife, Linda, and I gained $50,000+ just 9 days short of my filing deadline! That certainly was a lucky break for us and I thank you for the service!!”"

Dr. Kenneth D. Goldberg, General Dentist, Kingston, MA

"I have been subscribing to The McGill Advisory for more than 13 years. I’ve since retired and still continue to find the newsletter a valuable resource. I think very highly of Editor John McGill and his team. In fact, I credit my successful retirement to the wealth-building strategies and advice I learned about in the newsletter. I wouldn’t have gotten where I am today without The McGill Advisory and consulting services offered by the companies of McGill & Hill Group."

Dr. Thomas C. Chamberlin, Orthodontist, Hudson, NH

"As I am approaching a time in my life when I can't afford mistakes, I found their advice to be accurate and timely. I believe this level of confidence is directly attributable to their years of experience in dealing with clients in my age and tax bracket."

Dr. Doug Huitt, General Dentist, Shelby, NC

"If you want to work with dedicated professionals who will develop a personalized plan to get you to your goals, McGill & Hill Group will do just that."

Dr. Dawn Wallace, General Dentist, Mooresville, NC

"I've worked with John McGill and Brad Kucharo for 5 years. Together, they quadrupled my net worth in 3 years, helped me grow my orthodontic practice at yearly rates over 20%, and worked tirelessly to ensure that my husband and I bought the house we wanted Hermosa Beach, CA. Not only do they provide personal financial advice, but they are the experts in achieving financial independence through your practice. Their advice is always black and white, honest, "what they would do it they were in your situation." I highly recommend them to all of my dental colleagues."

Dr. Patricia J. Panucci, Orthodontist, Manhattan Beach, CA

"Now more then ever, dentists need to be engaged in the business aspects of our profession, as well as the world of personal finance. The McGill-Hill Group provides a wealth of information in all facets of planning, and most importantly implementing, strategies to achieving financial goals. The partners, associates, and staff have all been extremely resourceful, and friendly. Whether you are subscribing to their newsletter, attending one of their seminars, and/or utilizing one or more of their individual services, you will benefit from their expertise in achieving your financial goals."

Dr. Michael E. Vermette, Orthodontist, Concord, NH

"It’s important to have a ‘pathway to success’ envisioned early on, even if you aren’t financially ready for it. The best investment a young dental practitioner could make would be to invest time and effort exploring various possibilities with McGill & Hill Group…the day after graduation from school!"

Dr. Gary Weitz, Orthodontist, Union City, NJ

"I have been a loyal client for over 25 years; and have always been exceedingly impressed with your newsletter and client services. Your recent addition of the periodic emails with "hot" topics is a welcomed upgrade. Just wanted to congratulate you on this upgrade. You continue to add value to my being a long time client. I can't imagine how my professional career and financial net worth would be negatively affected had I not become a client 25 years ago. It's been terrific and greatly appreciated!"

Dr. James B. Geshay, Jr., Pediatric Dentist, Uniontown, PA

"Through their financial guidance, I believe that The McGill & Hill Group has made my future, as well as my family’s future, a lot brighter."

Dr. Henry "Hank" Jolly, General Dentist, Gaffney, SC
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Coronavirus Resource Center for Dentists and Specialists

Articles, updates, and resources to help you successfully navigate the impact of COVID-19 on your dental or specialty practice and personal finances.

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