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On the February 2021 episode of Drilling It Down, co-hosts Wes Lyon and Jonathan Martin are joined by Bill Rossi of Advanced Practice Management. In this episode, they drill down the fundamentals of PPO participation. Highlights include:

  • You have more power than you think—patients like you for more than your network status!
  • How busyness plays a factor in PPO decision-making (and so does the stage of your career)
  • Why evaluating your PPO participation is so important and the impact it can have on your bottom line
  • The importance of accurately tracking PPO write-offs—which are in essence a marketing expense
  • Ideas to fortify and build your practice to reduce the need for PPO participation
  • What is the single factor that drives new patients to your practice?
  • The risks and rewards involved

Wes also provides his monthly tax tip—reminder that your salary directly impacts your taxes and your retirement plan contributions.

For a follow-up call with special guest, Bill Rossi of Advanced Practice Management, call 952.921.3360 or visit the APM website.

Thank you for being a valued member of The McGill Advisory community. Wes and Jonathan look forward to "Drilling It Down" with you again next month!

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