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Jeffrey A. Harrell

70 Minute Length
Audio/Video Online Lecture (Recorded)
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After the S&P 500 returned more than 30% in 2019, what's in store for investors as a new decade begins?

Predictions from experts range from similar gains in 2020 to absolute calamity—and everything in between. With volatility likely to pick up in the coming months, what should you be focused on to more successfully manage your investments?

  • Rising tensions in the Middle East? Nope.
  • The U.S. presidential election? Nope.
  • Corporate profit growth? Nope.

We’ll shed light on the BIGGEST factor really driving stock prices right now and explain how you should position your portfolio based on your stage of life. You’ll also learn some of the most misunderstood aspects of investing that cause doctors to make poor money management decisions.

Are you looking for an educated and honest economic outlook? Something different than the talking heads on TV—who pretty much always say the same thing year after year? Well, look no further. Jeff Harrell, Director of Portfolio Management at McGill Advisors, will share his insight and deliver information you may not be hearing about in the financial media. Harrell will also cover some of his investing “pet peeves”—aspects of investing many doctors think they understand, but are woefully misinformed about.

Start the New Year right! Resolve to “get in shape” and apply this goal to both your health—and your investments.

Who Should Attend?

Doctors who want a better understanding of how to successfully position their portfolio—regardless of what the new decade has in store.

NOTE ABOUT THE RECORDING:  The live event experienced some technical difficulties; however, the recording has been edited for better viewing quality and no longer has any missing slides as referenced in the live recording.

Jeffrey A. Harrell

Jeffrey A. Harrell

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