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Jeffrey A. Harrell

60 Minute Length
Audio/Video Online Lecture (Recorded)
Continuing Education Credit
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Global pandemic, staggering job losses, unprecedented government stimulus, massive political and social unrest, yet stocks keep marching higher and higher. Investors are understandably confused by the mixed messages being sent by the economy and financial markets. Preparing for what lies ahead may be more important today than it has ever been in history. Jeff Harrell, Director of Portfolio Management at McGill Advisors, a division of Brightworth, shares his insight on the topic and provides actionable recommendations for you to consider as the new year begins.

Questions addressed during the webinar:

  • How do you benchmark your 2020 portfolio performance?
  • Where are interest rates headed?
  • How should you have your investments allocated to start the year?
  • Is the stock market disconnected from the economy?
  • What savings/investing strategies should you be utilizing to minimize your taxes?

Join us for a recap of what unquestionably was a year like no other and a lively discussion about what the future may hold.

Jeffrey A. Harrell

Jeffrey A. Harrell

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