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Jonathan R. Martin, T. Wade Coleman

50 Minute Length
Audio/Video Online Lecture (Recorded)
CE Credit Not Available for Archived Webinars

As year-end quickly approaches, there’s one question on every potential practice seller’s mind: what’s going to happen to tax rates? This fear of looming taxes is causing doctors to pull the trigger before they’re financially and emotionally ready—ultimately costing them much more than what they’ll save on taxes.

While transition advisors Jonathan Martin, CPA and Wade Coleman, JD don’t have a crystal ball, they DO have an unbiased understanding of what’s in your best interest if you’re looking to sell your practice – whether to a DSO or an individual buyer. In their third DSO webcast, they’ll cover both the right (and wrong) reasons doctors choose to sell their practice, and what trends they continue to see in corporate dentistry.

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We’re also excited to announce McGill & Hill Group’s first-ever DSO-focused in-person seminar, Navigating DSOs: What's Best For You? This two-day event provides 8 hours of CE credit and will be hosted at the elegant Arizona Biltmore Resort on January 20-21, 2022. A cocktail reception and roundtable luncheon are included to maximize your time with our knowledgeable speakers. Discounted room rates are available, but rooms are limited. Learn more and register today because the new, upcoming CE course will sell out!

Jonathan R. Martin

Jonathan R. Martin

T. Wade Coleman

T. Wade Coleman


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