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McGill & Hill Group Principals

About Us

The McGill & Hill Group, LLC is a group of independently owned companies that provides a comprehensive scope of financial services for the dental profession. As our clients’ needs have expanded, so has our range of services. Whether you are new in practice or considering a transition into retirement, we are here to help through every step of your professional and financial journey. The McGill & Hill Group, LLC looks forward to serving you through any one of our services, or better yet, as your single resource for all your financial services needs.


In 1983, John K. McGill and Dr. Charles Blair founded Blair, McGill & Company, offering financial consulting services and continuing education seminars for dentists nationwide. In 1987, the company expanded and began providing consulting and brokerage services in the practice transitions area.

Blair, McGill & Company acquired The Dentist Advisory newsletter from Leif Beck in 1986. Later that same year, the company also acquired Bud Schulman's Dental Finance newsletter, merging the two newsletters and launching The McGill Advisory which is currently being read by more than 7,000 dentists nationwide.

In 1997, Roger K. Hill, a nationally known practice valuation and transition consultant, joined the company to handle transition services, thus forming The Blair, McGill & Hill Group, LLC. In May 1998, Blake W. Hassan, a tax attorney and CPA, joined the group handling legal services. With the group’s new affiliations, the law firm of McGill and Hassan, P.A. was formed providing legal services in the practice transitions, estate planning and entity formation areas.

In 1999, John K. McGill and Robert V. Sytz, Jr. created McGill Advisors, Inc., an investment advisory firm catering exclusively to dental clients. Both John and Robert are now equity partners in McGill Advisors, with Robert being named as President and CEO. As the need for providing retirement administration and design services grew, a referral relationship was developed with Pensys, Inc. In 2000 PenSys opened an East Coast office in Charlotte, NC.

In 2003, the group began a referral relationship with Elliot & Warren, CPAs, which later established a satellite office in our corporate office. In 2007, Elliot & Warren merged with Elliott Davis, and maintained its dental division in our building. Elliott Davis merged with Decosimo effective January 1, 2015, to become Elliott Davis Decosimo.

In June 2004, Dr. Charles Blair left the group to establish his own firm. As a result, the group’s name was changed to The McGill & Hill Group, LLC. We continue to refer business to his new firm Dr. Charles Blair and Associates in his specialized areas of fee consulting and practice profitability.

As McGill & Hill Group continued its growth and expansion, a new office location was built that would accommodate all of the group’s companies. The Lake View Professional Building was completed in October 2006. It is a two-story, 20,000 square-foot professional office complex located at 8816 Red Oak Blvd., Charlotte, NC. For the convenience and benefit of the group’s clients, all services are now available under one roof.