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    Health Insurance Selector Calculator

    This calculator is designed to help you quickly determine the right high deductible health insurance plan for you and your family. To complete the calculator, use your insurance agent or to find three plan options in each of the metallic bands (Bronze, Silver, and Gold) and use the plan information to complete the inputs. Since medical expenses are an uncertainty, this calculator provides you with the ability to compare health care expenses for three different monthly cost bands to evaluate your personal risk. If you are debating between an HDHP policy and a policy with a copayment arrangement, see the article, “How To Determine If Switching To A High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) Is Right For You."
    Input Variables:   Results:
    Plan Classes:     Expense Calculator:
    Bronze Monthly Premium:       Bronze Silver Gold
    Silver Monthly Premium:     Before-Tax Premium - - -
    Gold Monthly Premium:     Less: Tax Savings - - -
            After Tax Premium - - -
    Expected Monthly Medical Expenses:            
    Low Expense Band     Per Month in Medical Expenses      
    Mid Expense Band     Deductible - - -
    High Expense Band     Expenses - - -
            Lesser of Deductible or Expenses - - -
    Tax Bracket:       Plus: Coinsurance - - -
    Federal Top Marginal     Plus: After-Tax Premium - - -
    State Top Marginal     Equals: Out-of-Pocket Cost1 - - -
    Deductibles:       Per Month in Medical Expenses      
    Bronze Deductible     Deductible - - -
    Silver Deductible     Expenses - - -
    Gold Deductible     Lesser of Deductible or Expenses - - -
            Plus: Coinsurance - - -
    Coinsurance:       Plus: After-Tax Premium - - -
    Bronze Coinsurance     Equals: Out-of-Pocket Cost1 - - -
    Silver Coinsurance            
    Gold Coinsurance     Per Month in Medical Expenses      
            Deductible - - -
    Out-of-Pocket Maximums:       Expenses - - -
    Bronze Out-of-Pocket Max     Lesser of Deductible or Expenses - - -
    Silver Out-of-Pocket Max     Plus: Coinsurance - - -
    Gold Out-of-Pocket Max     Plus: After-Tax Premium - - -
            Equals: Out-of-Pocket Cost1 - - -
      1 Out-of-pocket cost is the premiums plus the lesser of 1) the deductible plus coinsurance or 2) the out-of-pocket maximum.