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McGill & Hill Group's dental financial advisors, retirement planning consultants, legal experts, and transitions specialists bring decades of experience to life in our highly informative and engaging courses. You'll leave our seminars with a wealth of cutting edge strategies and practical advice that you can immediately implement for improved practice profitability and financial gain.

Plus, in addition to earning continuing education credits, you'll receive a complimentary 30-minute one-on-one consultation with the presenter of
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Teaching Method (all courses): Lecture

Achieving Financial Independence

Join the 5% of dentists who can afford to retire at age 65. Using these winning financial strategies, you can develop a game plan to increase your net worth, reach financial freedom, and reduce stress. This hard-hitting program contains “inside information” that you simply can’t find elsewhere - gleaned from over 30 years of working exclusively with the dental profession. Highlights include:

  • Creative strategies to slash taxes
  • Practice building and overhead control to boost profitability
  • Winning saving and debt reduction strategies
  • How to cut children’s educational costs by 50% or more
  • Ways to save thousands in unnecessary insurance costs
  • Tax-deductible retirement savings strategies
  • How to maximize tax-free income
  • Strategies for increasing business tax deductions

"I learned more in a week at the McGill & Hill Group seminar series than in a decade attending other seminars!"
-Dr. Sam Ghosh

Doctors Approaching Retirement

(for doctors age 50 or older)

You will face more decisions in the last few years of practice than at any other time throughout your career, and these decisions will be some of the most important you’ll ever make. Unfortunately, most doctors have neither the time nor the financial training to effectively address the numerous financial issues related to retirement. As a result, many doctors lose hundreds of thousands of dollars. Learn the leading edge strategies you need to develop a well-designed plan to assure a successful retirement. Key topics include:

  • When can you afford to retire?
  • When and how to take retirement plan and IRA distributions
  • Meeting cash flow needs in retirement
  • Converting to tax-free Roth IRAs
  • Methods to reduce taxes on the sale of your practice
  • Social Security timing to maximize benefits

"The seminar was a joy, as always. Brad Kucharo's presentation was informative, and I received all of the information that I was looking for (and then some)."
-Dr. Maureen Castellana

Estate Planning, FLPs, and Asset Protection Strategies

Are you paying too much and ending up with too little? This course will show you the current pertinent federal estate and gift tax rules (e.g. available exemption amounts, deductions, credits, tax rates, etc.). This course will also show you how to implement aggressive family tax planning strategies to dramatically slash taxes, as well as successful estate planning and various asset protection strategies, and how to avoid estate planning mistakes! Topics covered include:

  • Current estate and gift tax rules
  • Estate planning techniques for taxable and nontaxable estates
  • Use of Family Limited Partnerships to slash taxes and protect assets
  • Use of trusts
  • Proper insurance coverages
  • Disposition of IRAs and retirement plan accounts
  • Lifetime gifting
  • Marital Rights Issues

"My wife and I, also a dentist, looked at each other at the end of the
first day's lecture and said to each other in unison: why didn't we sign up
for these lectures years ago?"
-Paul W. Callahan, DDS

Foundations For Financial Success

As your practice starts to hit its stride, it’s important to begin planning for the long-term goal of achieving financial independence.  This 2-day program will help you get and stay on track with building blocks for a successful career.  Our top advisors share guidance for building and growing a practice in today’s changing dental economy, as well as personal planning advice for laying the foundations for long term financial security and peace of mind.  Featured topics include

  • Growth and Long-Term Transition Strategies
  • Partnerships 101
  • Overhead/Budgeting
  • Role of PPOs/Marketing in Digital Era
  • Targeting Retirement Goals
  • Educational Planning
  • Tax Avoidance
  • Tax Efficient Investment Strategies

"I really enjoyed the seminar and took lots of 'pearls' home to Ohio!!!! The speakers were so good and I learned a lot of information."
-Shelly Boss, DDS

Tax Saving Strategies and Legal Issues in Transitions

This course covers the various legal structures of practice transitions, the practical effects, advantages and disadvantages of each, as well the tax ramifications to each party. Learn about proper planning and structuring to avoid pitfalls, and how to optimize tax results for both buyer and seller. This program also addresses the various legal documents and the variety of issues common in practice transition negotiations, and more! Highlights include:

  • Associateship and post-sale services agreements
  • Practice sales, buy-ins, buy-outs, mergers, and dissolutions
  • Purchase price allocation
  • Seller financing and related issues (e.g. recapture)
  • Related party rules
  • Use of deferred compensation
  • Real estate matters (e.g. sale, lease, right of first refusal, option to purchase, 1031 exchange)
  • Restrictive covenants
  • Buy-sell provisions among owners
  • Income division among owners
  • Life insurance, disability buy-out insurance, overhead insurance
  • Entity selection

"The information presented at the McGill & Hill Group seminar in St. Thomas was excellent. The timely manner in which it was all communicated was greatly beneficial to me and my practice."
-Dr. Larry Fox

The Missing 4%

When it comes to investing, you can often be your own worst enemy!  Emotional timing mistakes and high fees are two of the problems decimating doctors’ investment returns.  After 16 years of analyzing investment portfolios, we have found the average doctor is losing 4% or more each year due to these common mistakes.  This course will teach you how to not only capture the missing 4%, but add to it!  Topics covered include:

  • Understanding fees and how to lower them
  • Sophisticated low-cost investment strategies using index and actively managed funds
  • DOL Fiduciary responsibility UPDATE for Plan Sponsors & Trustees
  • Proper asset allocation and portfolio design
  • Savings strategies that remove market emotions
  • How to properly benchmark investment performance
  • Tax-efficient investing, tax loss harvesting and donor advised funds
  • Pre and post retirement Roth IRA conversion strategies

"McGill & Hill Group's St Thomas seminar is an overall fantastic event. The courses are informative, well formatted and enjoyable. The Marriott Frenchman's Reef venue is great. The U.S. and British Virgin Islands are breathtakingly beautiful and fun to explore."
-Dr. Bill & Linda Callery

Transitions: Secrets to Success Despite All the Change

Dentistry today is in the early stages of massive change in terms of practice values, new tax strategies, insurance reimbursement rates, PPOs, corporate dentistry, and the approaching retirement of Baby Boomers.  Learn how to position your practice in order to understand all of these forces and optimize your transition outcome, whether your transition plans are immediate, near-term, or further down the road. Just some of the topics covered at this entertaining and informative course are:

  • Where is dentistry headed?
  • PPOs, corporate dentistry, and shifts in payer sources
  • Rising practice values
  • Timing your transition for maximum benefit
  • Partnerships: buy-ins / buy-outs – secrets to success
  • Associateships: what determines success?
  • Drivers of fair market value and how to increase your FMV
  • Tax reduction strategies for practice sales

"I have been a practicing orthodontist for over 30 years and we still attend the seminars every year. McGill & Hill Group stays on top of new developments and strategies that we continue to utilize. Their expertise and guidance is critical and has been incredibly valuable for us!!"
-Gary J. Weitz, DMD


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