The McGill & Hill Group, LLC is a North Carolina limited liability company that operates for marketing purposes, including providing educational seminars and online webinars. The disclosures below outline the specific services that are provided by each company listed on the website. Please contact any company directly if you have any questions, or view our privacy policy for more information.

John K. McGill & Company, Inc.

Provides tax and business planning service to dental professionals. This includes, but is not limited to, reviewing both personal and business assets, insurance contracts, tax returns, practice expenses and fees, etc. No investment advice is rendered through this service.

Publishes The McGill Advisory, a nationally recognized dental publication that provides financial information to its readers.

Roger K. Hill & Company, Inc.

Provides practice transition services, including but not limited to practice appraisals, consulting regarding alternative transition structures, associate compensation, timing and trigger points for practice transitions, and providing illustrative cash flow projections. Also provides practice brokerage services.

McGill and Hassan, PA

Provides legal services in the following areas: Practice Transitions (transaction structuring, tax and other aspects; document preparation and review); Contract preparation and review (e.g. employment agreements, leases, etc.); Estate Planning (analysis, recommendations, and document preparation); Family Partnerships; Entity Selection and Creation (corporations (C or S), limited liability companies, other); General Corporate Matters; General Tax Matters.

Elliott Davis Decosimo

A professional limited liability company that provides accounting, tax and consulting services as follows:

  • Compiling Financial Statements tailored to the needs of the dental industry;
  • Providing QuickBooks training and bookkeeping services;
  • Preparing Individual and Business Income Tax Returns;
  • Projecting and planning for tax liabilities;
  • Assisting clients with tax notices and audits.

PenSys, Inc.

A national Third Party Administration firm specializing in the design, administration and record keeping of all types of qualified retirement plans including:

  • Profit Sharing
  • 401(k)
  • Defined Benefit

McGill Advisors, a division of Brightworth

An SEC registered investment advisor (RIA) providing fee-only investment advisory services to investors nationwide.