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Dental Economics

November 2018: Your Most Important Estate Planning Document Is Not What You Think it Is

October 2018: The No. 1 Statistic that Every Dentist Should Be Tracking

September 2018: Is Your Investment Advisor Wrong About a Roth?

July 2018: Unlocking the New 20% Pass-Through Deduction—Regardless of Your Income Level

June 2018: Must-know Changes to Personal Income Taxes in 2018: Business Taxes

May 2018: Must-know Tax Changes for 2018: Personal Income Taxes

March 2018: 3 Overlooked Strategies to Turbocharge Your HSA

February 2018: 10 Can't Miss Items to Check on Your Income Tax Return

January 2018: 2018 Tax Calendar To Keep You Organized

December 2017: 3 Ways to Protect Your Child's Inheritance Without a Premarital Agreement

November 2017: Dentists and Charitable Giving Benefits

October 2017: 3 Strategies to Save Big on Last-minute Educational Funding

September 2017: Is Your Financial Advisor a Fiduciary?

August 2017: 3 Things Every Doctor Should Know About the New Health Reimbursement Arrangements

July 2017: Using a Partnership for a Flexible Transition

June 2017: Stop Trying to Time the Stock Market

May 2017: How a Cost Segregation Study of Your Office Building Can Save You Money

April 2017: 3 Easy Ways Any Doctor Can Add Asset Protection

March 2017: 5 Steps to Boost Your Practice's Sale Value

February 2017: Understanding Your 401(k) Fees

January 2017: Tax-efficient Ways to Donate to Your Favorite Organization

January 2017: 2017 Tax Calendar

November 2016: Which Entity is Right for Your Practice?

October 2016: Are You a Manufacturer for Purposes of Section 199?

September 2016: The Pooled 401(k) Plan Yet Another Reemerging Trend

July 2016: The Case for High Deductible Health Plans (HDHPs)

June 2016: 5 Steps to Selecting an Investment Advisor

May 2016: Independent Contractor Versus Employee? That Is the Question

April 2016: Using a Durable Power of Attorney to Protect Your Family

March 2016: Evaluating the Purchase of a Competitor's Practice and Merging it into Your Own

February 2016: Tax-related Identity Theft: When Your Best Defenses Fail

January 2016: Monitoring Investment Performance

December 2015: 2016 Tax Calendar to Keep You Organized

November 2015: Tax Efficient Distribution of Group Practice Profits

October 2015: Why Use a Payroll Company?

September 2015: What's the True Cost of High Investment Fees?

August 2015: 5 Steps to Boost Your Practice's Sale Value

July 2015: 4 Reasons to Turn Your Office Building LLC into a Family LLC

June 2015: Make Your Charitable Gifting Count

June 2015: What to Do With Your Practice Sale Proceeds

May 2015: 3 Tax Filings You Don't Want to Miss

April 2015: Using a Covenant Not to Compete to Protect Your Practice

March 2015: Adding an Associate: When Does it Make Sense?

February 2015: Using Your Financial Statements for Maximum Management Value

January 2015: Are You Saving Enough for Retirement?

December 2014: Tax Calendar to Keep You Organized

November 2014: Do Your Financial Advisors Justify Their Fees?

October 2014: Practice Purchase Price Is One of Many Important Terms in a Practice Sale

September 2014: Ending the Associateship Relationship

August 2014: Debunking the 'Rules' of Retirement Planning

July 2014: To Expense or Not to Expense? That Is the Question.

June 2014: Post-sale Patient Retention -- Uncovering the Myths

May 2014: Automatic Drafts: Why Doctors Should Use Them

April 2014: Governing Documents for Group Practices

March 2014: Top Strategies to Boost Your Personal Finances and Build Wealth

February 2014: When Disaster Strikes

January 2014: Health Savings Account – A Second Retirement Plan?

January 2014: Associate Employment Mistakes That Can Kill Your Practice Sale

December 2013: Tax Calendar

November 2013: Wealth Shifting Strategies of the Family Limited Partnership and Family Limited Liability Company

October 2013: Roth IRA Conversions: What Are You Waiting For?

September 2013: The Importance of the True Fair Market Value of Your Practice

August 2013: The Silver Lining of Employee Costs

July 2013: As the Markets Approach New Highs, How Should Doctors Allocate Risk in Their Portfolios?

June 2013: Time to sell your bonds! Wait...

May 2013: S Corporation Tax Benefits Become More Beneficial With the New Affordable Care Act

April 2013: How to Save and Pay for College Tax Efficiently

March 2013: Reduce Tax Increases with Increased Retirement Plan Funding

February 2013: Protecting Yourself from Identity Theft

January 2013: Cut Taxes with Post Retirement Roth Conversions

December 2012: Tax Calendar To Keep You Organized

November 2012: How Does Health Care Reform Affect You?

October 2012: Practice Buy-Ins — Asset Sale Structure

September 2012: Back to Basics

August 2012: More Rules and Administrative Procedures for Your 401(k) - There Is a Way Out!

July 2012: How to Protect Your Practice Against Embezzlement

June 2012: When Was the Last Time You Reviewed Your Investment Allocation?

April 2012: Personal Goodwill

April 2012: Can You Afford an Associate/Partner?

March 2012: Your Retirement Plan

February 2012: Tax-Saving Strategies

January 2012: Allowing More Employees to Participate in Your Retirement Plan May Benefit You

December 2011: Tax Calendar to Keep You Organized

November 2011: Avoid the $500,000 Mistake

October 2011: Slash Taxes Using The Seller's Corp. To Shelter Post-Closing Compensation

September 2011: Estate Tax Changes Under New Law

July 2011: Transition Alternatives: Too Many Choices

June 2011: What is CASH(k)?

May 2011: Planning for Major Purchases

April 2011: The Pitfalls of Emotional Investing

March 2011: How Much Can a Roth IRA Conversion Save You?

February 2011: Key Issues to a Successful Practice Buy-in

January 2011: A Funny Thing About Your Practice’s Intangible Value

December 2010: Transitions Roundtable

December 2010: 2011 Tax Calendar to Keep You Organized

November 2010: Diagnostic Guessing

November 2010: Use a Cash Balance Plan to Rev Up Retirement Savings

October 2010: Use Tax Benefits to Reduce Your Office Construction Costs

September 2010: Top 10 Value-added Services Your Investment Advisor Should Provide

August 2010: Top 10 Retirement Planning Strategies – Part 2

July 2010: Top 10 Retirement Planning Strategies – Part 1

June 2010: IRS Turns Up Heat on Employment Taxes

May 2010: If You Don't Have a Dream, How You Gonna Have a Dream Come True?

April 2010: How to Select the Correct Retirement Plan for Your Practice

March 2010: It's Not Too Late to Save on 2009 Taxes

February 2010: Investing for 2010 - Seven Strategies to Reduce Your Risk

January 2010: Have You Converted Yet?

July 2009: Sinning Is Oh So Costly


October 2013: Overhead Friend Or Foe.pdf

Dental Entrepreneur

Spring 2012: Money 101: What Doctors Need To Know Before Graduating From Dental School

Fall 2010: Buy a Practice or Start from Scratch

Fall 2009: Six Costly Mistakes New Doctors Make and How to Avoid Them

SAO News

Spring 2010: How to Weather the Current Economy as a Younger Orthodontist – Interview of John McGill by Mark Dusek

NDI Chairside Essentials

Winter 2010: Financial Planning Tips for 2010