McGill & Hill Group Dentist Testimonials

“Dear Mr. McGill, The McGill Advisory is without doubt the finest publication I have ever subscribed to in my 29 years of practice. Your newsletter has provided numerous ‘pearls’ that have allowed me to reduce my overhead to under 40% and cut taxes to the bone. I have utilized all of your recommendations for practicing through corporations, retirement plans, family limited partnerships and trusts, but always operated within the tax code. The one time I was audited, I got a refund! Based on your newsletter’s excellent advice and the practice transitions course I took from you, I was able to retire at an early age. I truly appreciate all the great advice I received along the way.”

Dr. Don Woodworth, Orthodontist – Texas

“Your tax and business planning advice has saved me thousands of dollars in federal and state income taxes each year. Also, knowing that we have a savings program set up to assure financial security at retirement has given me great peace of mind.”

Dr. Scott Erikson, Periodontist – North Carolina

“The McGill Advisory is reading for tomorrow. The newsletter helps with moment to moment decision making to build wealth in the long term. The Advisory should be required reading for all professionals.”

Dr. Patrick Hagerty, General Dentist – Oregon

“Your firm set the basis of my practice value based on the many parameters in your formulae for a practice’s worth. These documents were pivotal to my ability to present the practice at a justifiable price. You did what you said you would do, and this enabled me to sell my practice at a fair price.”

Dr. John Traul, Orthodontist – Colorado

"I feel fortunate to have found Roger Hill and staff. When faced with a practice valuation and transition from associate to partner in a high profile practice, I needed to find a firm that was highly qualified, reputable and in whom I could have complete confidence and trust. Roger Hill and his team were it! Roger and his team were just phenomenal. They have outstanding ability, skill and knowledge in their field and are extremely competent and professional. They addressed all of my needs and concerns and guided me through a virtually seamless process of an extremely complicated multi-partner practice buy-in. From our first conference call forward, I had complete confidence in Roger and every team member that I dealt with including his assistant Erica Flory, financial analyst Laura Arthur and attorney Blake Hassan. I recommend them with complete confidence.”

Dr. Marion Brown, Prosthodontist – New York

"The tax and business planning advice that you have given me has been invaluable, and kept me on the path to reaching my financial goals much earlier than I had ever hoped for. The decreased work load has given me more time to travel and spend with my family and definitely improved my quality of life. Knowing that I have financial security has given me a great peace of mind, and I thank you again for everything you have done for me. I look forward to continuing to work with you in the future."

Dr. Manion Coffman, General Dentist – Alabama

"I first became acquainted with The McGill Advisory through my good friend and fellow orthodontist from Charlotte. I have recommended Roger Hill to several University of Iowa orthodontic residents where I teach very part time. They have been quite complimentary of his work. Again, thanks very much to you and your company. You are a true friend to the entire dental profession. Keep up the great work!"

Dr. Tom Stark, Orthodontist – Iowa

“The McGill Advisory is the first publication I read every month from cover to cover.”

Dr. John Pershing, Orthodontist – Nebraska

“We all like to read your newsletter in detail. It has given our practice so many great ideas on staff issues, marketing, and tax-saving strategies. It has afforded our practice many wonderful ideas and the foresight to avoid many pitfalls. Our philosophy is that there are many other great practices so sharing is critical to the success of our profession…Thanks for all of the information you have given to our practice as well as our referring doctors.”

Drs. Epstein, Elkin, and Sargiss of Brace Place Orthodontics – New Jersey

“Roger Hill’s knowledge and ability to present complicated transition formulas in simple, straight forward presentations has served our practice well. Practice transitions are difficult at best and Roger excels in his organized, clearly defined approach to the many complicated factors, which take you from practice valuation, to employment agreement, to transition of ownership. He has been a pleasure to work with during this process and has always been very responsive and understanding of our needs. We endorse Roger and his highly qualified group at the highest level of confidence.”

Dr. Roger Bumgarner, Orthodontist – Colorado

“In the past ten years, your newsletter and services have proven invaluable to the building of a successful pediatric dental practice, with asset accumulation and practice management strategies. Thank you.”

Dr. David Brantley, Pediatric Dentist – Georgia

“I want to thank you so much for all you have done for us personally and professionally over the last 10 years. The validation for your tax and business planning and our following your recommendation was confirmed when our son joined the practice in July. Your most recent planning and recommendations involved bringing him into the practice. It has been an easy transition, and now that he's with me, I have renewed interest in our practice and will continue because I want to, not because I have to.”

Dr. Jerry Orchin, Orthodontist – Washington, D.C.

“Dear Roger, Kevin, Blake, Erica and Amy,
I have been meaning to write for some time to tell you all thank you for creating and executing an amazingly seamless, easy and equitable transition for my dental practice in Sewanee, Tennessee. After hearing horror stories from dentists concerning the sales of their practices I was prepared for a long, arduous and contentious endeavor. In my wildest dreams I never imagined that it would be such a quick and smooth process. I certainly appreciate all of your knowledge, honesty and ability, all of which were instrumental in the sale of my practice to Dr. Chris Mathews. Not only do I feel very comfortable turning over the care of my patients to Chris, I also feel like things could not have worked out better financially for me. I will be the first to sing your praises to any dentist considering transitioning his/her practice. It is a wonderful feeling to know that there are companies which actually accomplish what they advertise they will do. One happy client here. Thanks again.”

Dr. Bruce Baird, General Dentist – Tennessee

“Keep the good advice coming – I treat this newsletter and its contents as if it were the Bible! My gift subscriptions are very well appreciated by the recipient-doctors – many of them tell me to save the bagels/fruit/etc. and just keep the newsletter coming to them!”

Dr. Brent Lenz, Orthodontist – Virginia

“Great newsletter – I receive The McGill Advisory as a gift and learn or confirm something with each issue.”

Dr. Milton Salzer, General Dentist – Illinois

“Thank you for your valuable assistance over the past seven years. Through your help with tax and business planning, I have been able to achieve financial success and reach my goals much earlier than I had planned.”

Dr. John Pruitt, General Dentist – North Carolina