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PPOs and Your Practice: 10 Things You Need to Know

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PPO participation is a fact of life for most practices today, resulting in write offs of tens of thousands of dollars per month—often the largest “expense” behind staff wages.

Many doctors feel helpless and caught in this PPO “trap”.  However, you have more power than you think - - and you can fight back! 

Learn how to assess your PPO penetration, negotiate fees, determine which plans to keep or drop, and close the gap between what you produce and collect with street smart advice from PPO expert, Bill Rossi.

Success lies in finding the right PPO balance for our practice. Find out how to add thousands of dollars back to your bottom line!

Who Should Attend?

Doctors and their administrative team members

About the Presenter - Bill Rossi

Bill is President of Advanced Practice Management, LLC. He and his team are actively involved in the ongoing management of over 220 dental practices. He has over 35 years in practice management, and has been a contributor to Dental Economics, The McGill Advisory, Excellence in Dentistry, The Madow Brothers Audio Series, Collier & Associates Newsletter, and Dentaltown CE. Mr. Rossi is an ally for private independent practices in a profession increasingly impinged on by corporate dentistry and PPOs.